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Dischord Records Void Punk/Hardcore

Void - Sessions 1981-83 - LP

Void - Sessions 1981-83 - LP

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Label: Dischord Records – DIS171V
Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Country: US
Released: Oct 25, 2011
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore, Punk

Hit And Run Session, November 1981
A1 Void
A2 War Hero
A3 Go South
A4 Condensed Flesh
A5 Controller / Revolt
A6 Dehumanized
A7 Suburbs Suck
A8 Organized Sports / W.T.F.A.Y.
A9 Annoyed
A10 Don't Wanna Be Like You
A11 Black, Jewish, And Poor
A12 Please Give Us A Chance
A13 Protect And Serve
A14 Time To Die
A15 Self-Defense
A16 Draft Me Please
A17 Authority
A18 All White Neighborhood
A19 Halfway Boys
A20 Wasted Party
Inner Ear Session, December 1981
B1 Dehumanized
B2 Authority
B3 My Rules
B4 Get Out Of My Way
B5 Condensed Flesh
B6 Organized Sports / Annoyed
B7 Controller / Revolt
B8 Black, Jewish, And Poor
B9 War Hero
B10 Go South
Inner Ear Session, June 1982
B11 Dehumanized
B12 Get Out Of My Way
Live At 930 Club, February 13,1983
B13 Explode
Recorded By [Recorded Live By] – Tom Lyle
Live At Wilson Center, July 1,1983
B14 My Rules
Recorded By [Recorded Live By] – Tom Lyle

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