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Tankcrimes Spazz Punk/Hardcore

Spazz - Sweatin to the Oldies - 2xLP

Spazz - Sweatin to the Oldies - 2xLP

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Label:    Tankcrimes – TC90
Vinyl, LP
Vinyl, LP,
All Media, Compilation
Country:    US
Released:    May 11, 2018
Genre:    Rock
Style:    Grindcore, Punk, Hardcore

Split 7” With Jimmy Walker    
A1        Gary's Free Time (There's Lots Of It) - Intro
Split 7” With Toast    
A2        Crocket    1:02
A3        One Ghetto To The Next    1:18
A4        Return Of The Wall Of Death    1:29
A5        Who Writes Your Rules
Better Red Than Dead (A Benefit For Ak Press) Comp. CD    
A6        Mighty Morphin Power Violence    0:45
Split 7” With C.F.D.L.    
A7        Thrice The Heiney    1:31
A8        Kiss Of The Sasquatch    0:43
A9        Hot Dog Water Popsicle In The Hand Of Eric Wood    0:15
A10        Problems In The Homeland    0:57
A11        I Hate The Kids
Left Back / Let Down Comp. 2x7”    
B12        Spudboy
B13        Smoking Don's Crack Hole    0:28
B14        Dirt The Purity    1:07
B15        Knuckle Scraper    0:23
B16        Box II (Yates Goes To Africa)    0:51
Split 7” With Brutal Truth    
B17        Spazz Vs. Mother Nature
B18        Nuge On A Stick    0:37
B19        Donger    1:30
Reality Comp. 7”    
B20        Gnome Servant    4:07
Kamikaze Attacked America / Yankee Bombed Hiroshima, Nagasaki Comp. Cd    
B21        DJ Tinkle Fingers' Diplomatic Services    1:16
Split 7” With Jimmy Walker    
C22        Hard Boiled    0:48
C23        4 Times A Day    0:38
C24        All Urban Outfield    0:21
C25        Lethal    0:19
C26        Hot Dog Water Popsicle In The Hand Of Eric Wood    0:13
C27        The Box    0:30
C28        Droppin' Many Ravers    0:46
Pigs Suck Comp. 2x7”    
C29        In The Name Of....    1:33
C30        Might For Right    0:35
Cry Now, Cry Later Vol. 1 Comp. 2x7”    
C31        Loach    0:51
Split 7” With Charles Bronson    
C32        Mad At The World    0:44
C33        Tripper    1:01
C34        Uniform    0:15
C35        Bore    0:46
C36        Hard Boiled    0:45
Split 7” With Floor    
C37        All Urban Outfield    0:25
C38        Weedeater    0:16
C39        Bled Dry    0:35
C40        Closet    0:57
C41        No Room    0:36
C42        Ghost Dance    1:35
Split 7” With Rupture    
C43        Hug Yourself    1:40
D44        YouGottaMoldIt    1:18
D45        Lethal    0:22
D46        Anemonie    0:42
D47        Gas Pump    0:46
El Guapo Comp. LP    
D48        Enterslavement    0:39
D49        Hard Boiled - Live    0:47
D50        Burning Tongue - Live    0:32
Unreleased Compilations    
D51        Kiss Of The Sasquatch - Live    0:28
D52        Hot Dog Water Popsicle In The Hand Of Eric Wood - Live    0:13
D53        Dan Lifting Banner - Live    1:48
Self Titled 7”    
D54        Gertie
D55        Enterslavement    0:32
D56        Uniform
D57        No Thought    0:27
D58        Pressure    0:24
D59        Burnt    0:25
D60        Our Scene
D61        Force Fed    0:39
D62        Biter    0:19
D63        Precision Fastening    1:19
Unreleased Negative Approach Tribute    
D64        Lost Cause

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