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Clenched Wrench ORG Music Mike Watt Alternative Rock

Mike Watt - Hyphenated Man - Yellow & Black Swirl - LP

Mike Watt - Hyphenated Man - Yellow & Black Swirl - LP

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Label: Clenched Wrench – CLENCHED001, ORG Music – ORGM-1037
Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, Reissue, Yellow & Black swirl
Country: US
Released: Jun 16, 2023
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock

A1 Arrow-Pierced-Egg-Man
A2 Beak-Holding-Letter-Man
A3 Hammering-Castle-Bird-Man
A4 Bird-In-The-Helmet-Man
A5 Belly-Stabbed-Man
A6 Stuffed-In-The-Drum-Man
A7 Baby-Cradling-Tree-Man
A8 Hollowed-Out-Man
A9 Finger-Pointing-Man
A10 Own-Horn-Blowing-Man
A11 Fryingpan-Man
A12 Head-And-Feet-Only-Man
A13 Shield-Shouldering-Man
A14 Cherry-Head-Lover-Man
A15 Pinned-To-The-Table-Man
B1 Mouse-Headed-Man
B2 Antlered-Man
B3 Confused-Parts-Man
B4 Bell-Rung-Man
B5 Boot-Wearing-Fish-Man
B6 Thistle-Headed-Man
B7 Funnel-Capped-Man
B8 Blowing-It-Out-Both-Ends-Man
B9 Jug-Footed-Man
B10 Lute-And-Dagger-Man
B11 Mockery-Robed-Man
B12 Hill-Man
B13 Hell-Building-Man
B14 Man-Shitting-Man
B15 Wheel-Bound-Man

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